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Piercing Aftercare Instructions

  • Always make sure your hands are thoroughly washed before touching your piercing.
  • Wash your ring and the skin around the ring with antibacterial soap and water ONLY.  Repeat this 3-4 times daily.
  • *NEVER* use any astringents or ointments such as peroxide, alcohol, neosporin, etc.  Never substitute our method with any homemade saline or piercing solutions. THESE WILL CAUSE YOUR PIERCING NOT TO HEAL.
  • Normal signs of healing include, discharge of lymphatic fluid (white crusties), scabbing, and acute swelling (a small bump). We suggest you wash your piercing more if this occurs.


Oral Piercing Aftercare Instructions (any piercings around or in the mouth)

  • Rinse with a 50/50 solution of unflavored mouthwash and water after you eat drink or smoke
  • Most piercings, if taken care of properly, can be changed in 4-6 weeks, and as long as you buy your jewelry from us we will gladly change it out for FREE!