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I am so pleased with the work that they do here. Everyone is so professional and the artwork is amazing. I just got another tattoo today and everyone asked who did the work. I always recomment High Caliber Tattoo to anyone looking for a top quality tattoo. -Google Reviews

I did not take getting a tattoo lightly - it's not like you can change your mind OR do it right the next time. Plus, I'd made it almost 50 years without one! So I did my research and chose Brian Allen & High Caliber to do the work. When you do a little background work you find Tattoo art is just like any other art, there's good and there's bad but the difference is you carry it with you pretty much forever! I chose Brian based on unanimous recommendation, research and when I met him - knew he was the right guy. Bottom line, he and his staff are gifted professionals.....emphasis on professional. Google Review

Mike Pace did a tattoo for me a little over 7 years ago. I recently went and had another tattoo done by Mike. I brought in a picture of what I wanted, but I wanted it to be changed a little. He came up with a killer idea. Everyone loves my new tattoo. The shop is very clean. Great atmosphere and the rest of the staff are very nice. Need some new ink....Mike is the guy for you! -Google Reviews

Brian .Katie.and Mike all have inked me. I drive over 2 hours just to have them do my tats..not only there all great artist but one of the cleanest shop Ive ever been in. And its a place I would take my wife or even my grandkids too. Its not like some shops Ive been too. Where you have to keep 1 eye on your wife and the other on how working on you. The last tat Brian did for me I all but fell asleep. In other words I would recommend to anyone to go to HCCT for a great tattoo for a fair price. -Google Reviews

High Caliber Tattoo is awesome! Stopped in to check it out and was very impressed right off the bat. Very professional, friendly staff. Artists are great!! Very laid back, clean environment. Excellent service. Would definitely go back and see Katie for another tat!-Google Reviews

High Caliber Custom Tattoos is the best shop around. They are super friendly, professional, and uphold an extremely clean environment. You will receive excellent service, tattoos, piercings, and aftercare advice from professionals in a sterile and caring atmosphere. Mike will hand draw anything you want, as he does fantastic custom tattoos. He has been tattooing for years and has been the only one to tattoo anyone in my family, including my mother, brother, and myself. My brother lives in Miami and will not let anyone but Mike tattoo him. If you're looking for excellent custom work look no further than Mike Pace at his shop, High Caliber Custom Tattoos. -Yahoo Reviews

Brian did an amazing job on both mine and my husbands tattoo's yesterday. He is an amazing artist and does a GREAT job. Best tattoo experience I have ever had. I will never go anywhere else now! Thanks SO much Brian! It was great meeting and talking with you. Love your attitude adn the vibe of your shop. Keep on keeping on! :) -Yahoo Reviews

5 STARS all the way . . . I visited Brian, High Caliber, in April for my very first tattoo . . . I was not only impressed by the incredible talent held by Brian; but, the attention to cleanliness and his high level of professionalism. Since then I have been back for my second and third tattoos . . . I would definitely recommend Brian, High Caliber, to anyone (especially first timers) looking for an artist who has a passion for the people whose lives he touches as well as the art he creates. -Yahoo Reviews

Well I had a kindof crazy detailed mechanical pocket watch tattoo that I wanted to have done for the birth of my son and knew that I would have to find the best to get it done right. I was told to come see Mike Pace and man I'm glad I did. Mike did a ridiculously awesome job and was a cool dude to do business with. Thank god I didn't go to the shop down the street. What was really funny is while I was there a girl came in with a crazy messed up ribbon on her back that came out of the other shop (poor girl) should've come to see Mike and Brian to start with. I absolutely recommend High Caliber CUSTOM Tattoo's to anyone and I will never go to anyone else. Thanks alot Mike you are the man! -Yahoo Reviews